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February 08, 2018February Resource of the Month
November 21, 2017November Resource of the Month
October 23, 2017October is National Bullying Awareness Month
October 23, 2017October is National Physical Therapy Month!
October 19, 20172 Related Items on TxSpot - October
September 19, 2017Disaster-Related Resources for School-Based Therapists (and others)
September 19, 2017Donated Assistive Technology and Durable Medical Equipment available for disaster-affected persons
August 11, 2017Back to School tips for Parents and Families
July 05, 2017A great read for the July Resource of the Month
June 29, 2017Governor signs OT and PT Sunset Bill
June 13, 20176 New Resource links
May 31, 2017Resource of the Month for May
May 16, 20172 new Resources on TxSpot
May 05, 20175 New Resources!
April 10, 2017Resource of the Month for April
April 10, 2017Revisit a Featured Article from last year to Wrap Up Your Year!
March 28, 2017ECPTOTE Email Project
March 28, 2017What is Texas JAM? (PTs sit up and take notice!)
March 20, 2017Sunset bills regarding ECPTOTE were filed on March 7, 2017
March 10, 20172 New FAQs added regarding medical necessity and standardized assessments.
March 06, 2017March 2017 Resource of the Month
March 06, 2017Investigate the 2 New FAQs on TxSpot
February 13, 2017New Resource re: privacy of Student Health Records
February 08, 2017Featured Article about Developing and Maintaining Competence
January 31, 2017Latest Update on the Texas Sunset Advisory Commission Decision regarding ECPTOTE - 1/31/2017
January 20, 2017Resource of the Month for January
December 14, 2016FAQ: Can an IEP committee change services against therapist recommendation?
December 06, 2016December 2016 Resource of the Month (Fun!)
December 02, 2016New FAQ: Write frequency of services in smallest increment?
November 15, 2016New FAQ on TxSpot - Can OTs and PTs Evaluate a student without an identified disability
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