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TEA Policies: Accommodations for STAAR and TELPAS

Testing season is upon us!

Policies for allowable accommodations for students taking the STAAR or TELPAS test have been posted by TEA.

The policies are divided into three main categories; within each category are links to more specific information.
The categories are:
 1.  Accessibility Features: These are procedures and materials that are allowed for any student who needs them. 

 2.  Designated Supports: These are locally-approved supports for students who meet eligibility 

 criteria. (Includes revision of Calculation Aids and Spelling Assistance supports).   


 3. Designated Supports Requiring TEA Approval: These supports require the submission and

 approval of a TEA Accommodation Request Form.approval of a TEA Accommodation Request Form.   


Click here to read about TEA accommodations and accessibility policies:   


The TEA accessibility policies may also be printed out as a single file: 2018 Accessibility Policies