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Important News Regarding Medicaid Reimbursement for School-Based Therapy

You can help!!

On April 19, 2018, the Texas Association of School Boards is holding a conference on Medicaid billing in schools. A Provider Panel participant is gathering data in order to represent school-based occupational therapy and physical therapy practitioners on issues that they may be having with Medicaid billing. 

Please provide any feedback you may have on the following questions:

Are you:  

      1.    Encountering any issues that impact how you provide service?

      2.    Feeling the need to utilize standardized testing in your evaluation?

      3.    Encountering any barriers to processing claims?

      4.    Having any difficulties meeting requirements for coding evaluations under ICD-10 requirements?

      5.    Experiencing any difficulty with acceptance of submitted student documentation?

 Provide your feedback to Jean Polichino at by April 17th.​