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TxSpot Mission Statement
Advance best practices for physical therapy (PT) and occupational therapy (OT) service delivery in Texas schools by informing, educating, and modeling.  
TxSpot is a service of Harris County Department of Education, 
School-based Therapy Services division 
​About School-based Therapy Services, Harris County Department of Education 

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​HCDE Short: Kyle 


TxSpot is THE SOURCE for those who want to know about providing school-based Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy in Texas. TxSpot provides credible, authoritative policy and practice information for supporting Texas school children who are in need of Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy services.  

TxSpot provides current news and information features, multi-media professional educational products, and helpful professional resources, all in a user-friendly format. The invaluable interactive
“Ask TxSpot” tool allows Texas therapists and others to ask questions about school practice and receive quick and authoritative answers. TxSpot illustrates the occupational therapy and physical therapy role in Texas public schools, identifies how state and federal legislation impacts practice, provides access to current research and best practices, and offers information on the meaningful contributions therapists can make in the interest of all learners.   



Brief History of the Harris County Department of Education​

Currently, HCDE offers services to 26 rural, suburban, and urban school districts entirely or partially within its primary service area of Harris County, to school districts and governmental agencies in surrounding counties, as well as school, education service centers, and other governmental agencies statewide. 

Services provided include adult education, programs to promote safe schools, after-school programs, school-based therapy services, professional development for educators, special schools, alternative certification for principals and teachers, and Head Start programs. HCDE also supports school districts through purchasing procurement, grant development, program research and evaluation, school finance support and records management.​

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