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Adapted Physical Education

Can an OT or PT evaluate for and deliver Adaped PE?

​Per the April 2008 Special Education Rules & Regulations for Texas, 89.1131(b)(5)The following provisions apply to physical education.

(A) When the ARD committee has made the determination and the arrangements are specified in the student's individualized education program (IEP), physical education may be provided by the following personnel:

  1. special education instructional or related service personnel who have the necessary skills and knowledge;
  2. physical education teachers;
  3. occupational therapists;
  4. physical therapists; or
  5. occupational therapy assistants or physical therapy assistants working under supervision in accordance with the standards of their profession.

(B) When these services are provided by special education personnel, the district must document that they have the necessary skills and knowledge. Documentation may include, but need not be limited to, inservice records, evidence of attendance at seminars or workshops, or transcripts of college courses.

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