News! Re-register for TxSpot

TxSpot has some good news 😊!  and some not-so-good news ☹!

The good news 😊is that TxSpot has moved to a new, more stable platform. That will probably not affect your use of our website very much, if at all, except that it should improve the reliability (minimize downtime).

The not-so-good news ☹ is that, in the move, we were not able to transfer the user accounts. So, we are sorry to tell you that you must re-register to continue to receive notices about new postings on TxSpot or to use the professional development offerings. It is unfortunate but could not be helped. However, it should take you only a very few minutes to re-register your account.

To make it easy for you, here is the link to go directly to the Sign In page (then click on the “Sign Up" button): 

                                      Re-register for TxSpot

For a couple of months, we can still send out notices about new postings using the old user list, but it will be only a temporary fix. So, we urge you to please re-register to continue to get the latest about school-based occupational therapy and physical therapy.

Hoping you will continue with TxSpot,​​