COVID-19 Resources newly posted on TxSpot 3/30/2020
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Many new COVID-19-related resources have been added to TxSpot within the past few days. All of our COVID-19 resources are now located on our Resources page and are organized under the headings: "Regulatory Resources Related to COVID-19," "Telehealth Related Resources," and  "COVID-19-Related Resources for School-Based Therapists." Newly added items are marked "NEW."

Click here to go to our Resources page:  TxSpot Resources

Newly added items that you will find are: 

   *  Texas Education Agancy: COVID-19 and Special Education in Texas Q & A (updated 3/26/2020)
   *  USDE: Supplemental Fact Sheet Addressing the Risk of COVID-19 in Pre-School, Elementary and Secondary Schools While Serving Children with Disabilities
    * USDE: Secretary DeVos Releases New Resources for Educators, Local Leaders on K-12 Flexibilities, Student Privacy, and Educating Students with Disabilities During Coronavirus Outbreak
    * TEA: FAPE Reminder

    * HHS: Notification of Enforcement Discretion for Telehealth Remote Communications During the COVID-19 Nationwide Public Health Emergency
     * Telehealth Resources from American Occupational Therapy Association
     * Sample Informed Consent for Telehealth for School-Based PT ​(School districts may use this document as is or may alter it according to their legal counsel's guidance. If altering, please remove the HCDE logos and use your district's letterhead instead. ​
     *  Access to Recording of TPTA-sponsored Webinar on Telehealth

     *  Resources to Support School Closures/Distance Learning for Students with Autism  
     *  HHS: Talking with Children - Tips for Caregivers, Parents, and Teachers During Infectious Disease Outbreaks