COVID-19 Resources Added to TxSpot from 4/21 through 4/30/2020

Several more resources were added to TxSpot between 4/21 to 4/30/2020. 

View 2 news items from the U.S. Department of Education. Click here:

      2 News Items from US Department of Education

Then, go to TxSpot Resources Page to find these:

Updated through 4/30/2020:  Texas Education Agency: COVID-19 and Special Education in Texas Q & A   (New and/or revised items are marked with an orange box in the left margin)

NEW:  Instruction and Accessibility Support for Students with Disabilities: Assistive Technology.pdf

Informed Consents for Virtual Therapy Services  - (School districts may use these documents as is or may alter them according to their legal counsel's guidance. If altering, please remove the HCDE logos and use your district's letterhead instead.)

         NEW Informed Consent for Virtual PT and_or OT services - HCDE.docx

         NEW Informed Consent for Virtual PT and_or OT services -HCDE Spanish.docx 

Updated- Supporting Individuals with Autism Through Uncertain Times - from University of NC. Includes "Toolkit for Those Supporting Individuals with Autism During COVID-19 Outbreak" in multiple languages.